TEMCo: Step Down Transformer manufacturer     TEMCo  Is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Offering Stock and Custom Transformers. TEMCo is a Step Down Transformer manufacturer you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.    TEMCo is a Step Down Transformer manufacturer you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Step Down Transformer

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TEMCo Transformer Advantages / Main
TEMCo Transformers have many advantages ranging from energy efficiency/cost savings to application advantages.

Phase Converters
TEMCo Rotary Phase Converters provide balanced 3-phase power converted from a 1-phase power source.

Motor Generator Sets
TEMCo Motor Generator Sets are used to provide load isolation, frequency conversion, and phase conversion.

Electric Motors
TEMCo carries thousands of models and brands of electric motors and drives such as Baldor Motors, WEG and Leeson at wholesale prices!

Electric Generators
TEMCo carries thousands of models and brands of electric generators such as Robin Generators, Pow'R Gard and Baldor Generators at wholesale prices!

Variable Frequency Drives
TEMCo caries a range of high quality VFDs are wholesale prices. Applications range from controlling speed, torque, breaking, direction, multi-speed, etc.

Motor Inverters
Need a motor inverter? TEMCo has a wide selection at competitive wholesale prices. Give us a call at 510-490-2187.

State-of-the-Art Step Down Transformer Sales

Step Down Transformers

TEMCo specs the manufacture of stock and custom Step Down Transformers. TEMCo also carries other brands of step down transformers. Step Down Transformers will change your voltage to your machinery's required voltage. Many of our Isolation and Auto Transformers are in stock; custom combinations can be made with just a short 5 day lead time. TEMCo Step Down Transformers are designed to be reversible and can also step up voltage.

Same Day Shipping on Step Down Transformers in Stock!

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TEMCo manufacturers offer highest quality custom and standard step down transformers at wholesale prices with these options:

* 100% copper transformer windings, other metals available
Energy Star (TP-1) rated transformers
* UL & CSA listed on most models
* Reversible (most models)
* Many step down transformer models in stock, custom orders have a fast, 1-week turn around to shipment 

We offer custom step down transformers built to your order.

 * Step Down Transformer Custom Voltage Combinations Available*

Step Down Transformers come in a wide variety of sizes and types.  TEMCo offers the widest selection of power step down transformers available today.  Specializing in high quality industrial power step down transformers, or team of transformers specialists is standing by and ready to assist you in selecting the right power step down transformer for your application and budget.  Call us to discuss your application and purpose. 

Contact our team at TEMCo Transformer at 510-490-2187 to get your quote, place your order and arrange for shipping.

Step Down Transformer

A step down transformer converts high-voltage, low-current power into low-voltage, high-current power.   They are designed with a high turn count of the primary winding and low turn count of the secondary.  In many cases you will see larger-gauge wire used in the secondary winding because of the increase in current.  The primary winding may be made of smaller-gauge wire because it doesn’t have to conduct as much current.

Understanding how a Step Down Transformer Works

A step down transformer is a electrical device and is constructed like most transformers that transform voltage through magnetic coupling.  A step down transformer has a magnetic core (usually made of iron) with one winding of wire placed close to one or more windings, which can couple two or more alternating current  (AC) circuits together by employing the induction between the windings.  The primary winding is connected to the power source, and the other windings are known as secondary.  When the secondary voltage is less than the primary, the device is known as a step down transformer.  If the secondary voltage is higher than the primary it is called a step up transformer.

Step Down Transformer Applications

Step down transformers are used extensively in our electric power systems.  In an electric power system, a step up transformer is used to raise voltage and decrease current to travel long distances over transmission wires.  These wires carry the electricity to sub-stations where a step down transformer is used to reduce the voltage, and increase the current.  These substations pass the lower voltage on and usually before it reaches its final destination, to our home and business, a step down transformer is again used to lower the voltage to 120-240V. Step down transformers are also found in many electronic devices, and used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.  They are available in single phase and three phase and come in a wide array of sizes.  

Step-Down Transformer Efficiency

Step down transformers are simple devices which have no moving parts so they require minimal maintenance and have a long life.  Because of this it is wise to purchase a step down transformer that is efficient.  With the right material and design a step down transformer can have around 99% efficiency.  This can be obtained by a combination of transformer construction factors including using special steel alloys to couple the induced magnetic fields between the primary and secondary windings.  There are two main types of metal used in the winding of the step down transformer; one is aluminum and the other being copper.  Copper wiring dissipates less heat and is less corrosive than aluminum.  Less heat dissipation produces more efficiency in transformers because less electricity is last as heat.  Because of the durable nature of copper this type of transformer will also require less maintenance.  Step down transformers with copper wiring and special design initially cost more, but the saving on electrical cost over time more than makes up for the price.    

Call Our Step Down Transformer Specialists Today!

TEMCo is a leader in quality, efficient step down transformers, with over 40 years in the business; we have become a leader and innovator in transformer design.  With our large inventory, most transformers can be shipped out within 24 hours.  With our well trained staff you are assured that you are getting input for the right type and size of transformer for your application.  Not only do we only offer quality step down transformers, but we also guarantee the lowest prices.  Call us today and see why so many companies trust TEMCo for all their transformers needs.

Contact our team at TEMCo Transformer at 510-490-2187 to get your step down transformer quote, place your order and arrange for shipping.

Step Down Transformer

We Supply A Wide Variety of High Quality Power Step Down Transformer Models


Step Down Transformers

Step Down Transformer



Step Down Transformer 1

Step Down Transformers

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Tower Electric Motor Company has experience manufacturing electrical products since 1968. TEMCo is a company you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau. TEMCo uses the latest proven technology to spec the manufacture high quality industrial grade transformers and other electrical products. All our products are built to last using the highest quality standards using only the highest quality supplies. As a result, TEMCo electrical products have a long operational life, lasting many years under proper use. TEMCo models are backed by our quality warranty, offering heavy duty quality at a great price.

TEMCo is a company you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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